Harvest:  The Tale of      Rummy Pumpkin

Autumn arrives in the old pumpkin patch.  As the pumpkins prepare for harvest festival, little Rummy Pumpkin worries that he doesn't measure up to the other pumpkins.  Will Rummy be left all alone in the fields on

harvest night? 

​A colorfully illustrated children's classic, perfect for bedtime.

40 pages, soft cover

​ages 4 and up


  Original stories with lush illustrations by the author. 

  Shipped from Blurb.  

  Printed on high-quality paper with archival binding.



The Magic Broom

Sarah loves Halloween.  While she and her best friend Abby

are working on their Halloween costumes, they come across a strange little broom.  Soon peculiar things start to happen, and the girls find themselves swept up

in a real autumn adventure!  A sparkling

autumn story in the tradition of Shirley Jackson

and Ruth Chew, with lush illustrations.

5 chapters, 56 pages, soft cover